CMD + I, Dental practice in Lausanne

Our dental technicians

CMD+I - Lausanne - Nathalie De La CruzNathalie DE LA CRUZ


  • Manager of the dental technician laboratory at CMD+I, after thirty years of working together.
  • Many advanced training courses and internships on prosthetic work, ceramics and implants.

Dental practice - Lausanne - CarlineCarline CHASSOT


  • Twenty-three years of experience as a dental technician.
  • Has worked for two years in the CMD+I laboratory


Dental practice - Lausanne - Michael RossierMichael ROSSIER


  • Eight years of experience in an orthodontics, dentures, metal-ceramics and pressed ceramics laboratory.
  • Working for two years with the CMD+I team.


Spoken languages

French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian