CMD + I, Dental practice in Lausanne

Tooth whitening, Aesthetics

Your dream of white teeth is within easy reach!

Tooth whitening:

At the forefront of technology (one of our practitioners having completed his doctoral thesis on different types of tooth whitening), our dental surgeons will help you regain a radiant smile.

Case studies by CMD+I:

Dental practice - Lausanne - Replacement and tooth whitening

Replacement of amalgam fillings by cosmetic fillings.



Cosmetic dentistry:

Dental practice - Lausanne - Cosmetic dentistryIn the case of damaged or worn teeth or unsightly alignment, our expert practitioners offer services at the cutting edge of technology. Whether partial or full reconstruction of the tooth, cosmetic dentistry allow you to regain a perfect smile.

Tooth reconstruction via:


  • Inlays or onlays (tooth colour)
  • Ceramic or ceramic crown
  • Composite


Spoken languages

French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian